Collection: Glam Press-on nails



Nail Size Chart       

XS: 3,6,5,7,9

S: 2,5,4,6,9

M: 1,5,4,6,8

L: 0,4,5,3,7

Using the mm side of a soft tape measure, measure the widest part of your nail bed.

0=18, 1=16, 2=15, 3=14, 4=13, 5=12, 6=11, 7=10, 8=9, 9=8

How to apply your Glam Press-on Nails:

  1. Wash your hands, push cuticle back, buff the top of your nail bed, wipe off with alcohol wipe.
  2. Find the press-on nail that fits your nail, apply glue over top of nail bed, press the press-on nail down for 20 seconds, repeat for the rest of your nails.
  3. If you are using the adhesive tabs, apply the adhesive tab that fits the nail your starting with, rub the top, then peel the top clear part off, then apply the press-on nail, press for 20 seconds, repeat for the rest of your nails.
  4. Boom your nail is secure, if your using glue it should last for 2-3 weeks. If your using adhesive tabs, you can take them off and on whenever your like-with pressure, but they can last for a week.
  5. All nails are reusable!

How to remove your Glam Press-on Nails:

Soak in a bowl of warm soapy water, use cuticle pusher to pry a little on the sides of your nails and they should easily come off.


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